Sketches and Personal Work

This was one of the first of my daily exercises and for some reason I decided to be particularly ambitious in my effort. It was a sort of silly idea, that I called "Tinder for Trulia". It's a sort of tongue-in-cheek idea that you can shop for houses like this. 


This is another app concept, as you can see in my earlier dailies I stuck to the app concept format most of the time. The concept is simply a clock using nice display typography. I had the visual idea a couple days earlier and decided to go ahead and make it. I used masking to put a city scenery in the background but it's not necessary for executing the concept. I also made a video, kind of using the Uniqlo calendar concept showing moving city scenery in the background, except in this case only as the fill for the numbers.


I had this idea when I was looking at my Jiujitsu coach, Caio Terra's logo after training. I thought I could do a different take one it. His official saying is "Technique Conquers All". I thought, what a wonderful and very intellectual approach to Jiujitsu. If you are at all familiar with BJJ culture you know it to be full of intimidating imagery like dogs growling with snarling teeth, snakes, dragons, and so on. I thought, how about embodying this more intellectual approach to Jiujitsu that Caio himself teaches, as a 126 pound fighter and champion in the absolute weight division as well, in the logo he uses. So I combined the C the T, and the A into a logo form that appears as the "a". The concept is that we all come together in the Association as well, under Caio's leadership. All for one, one for all. 


The concept with this logo is the scissors of G-d are cutting the ego. This is a very esoteric concept and could easily be mistaken by the majority of people. Simply put however, if you are ready to be open to the idea, is that the totality of the present moment in all it's form and formlessness, encompassing everything beyond what you can perceive as well as that by which does the perception in yourself, is the vehicle to cut the delusion of the ego. In other words, being aware of your own awareness and dwelling in that space cuts the ego. The scissors of G-d cut the Ego. In other news I'm considering making this into a t-shirt or I'd like to craft actual metal scissors using this logo concept. The logo is finished but I'm not ready to show it yet because I still may need to protect it, so this is just a page of one of several sketches around the concept.


There were a few days when all I did was make buttons for my exercise.



This is a project I did for a design competition, the Domus Lighting Design competition for students. I had just been learning Maya while working at Honda Research Institute, so I put those skills to use. I did a lot of conceptual sketching early on to decide on a compelling concept before doing the modeling and graphic design of the posters. Basically, this is an interactive lamp that times with the position of the sun in the sky. The big idea is that humans used to live in a very connected way with the time of day, and certain positions of the sun would be truly significant events every day. I wanted to recreate this harmony with the sun for modern people who are mostly indoors, and often without many windows. Perhaps for this kind of modern apartment dweller, this lamp will inspire people to wake up with the sun and turn off their electronics at night. Maybe even go outside to see the sun rise or set, and enjoy the great gift of nature like our ancestors once did. Hence the name, "Primitive Horizon". 

This is a piece of my thesis for my last semester at the HCI/design master's program at IU. More to be added later.