I'm Lee Beckwith and this is my design portfolio. It's called Super Affector because, basically, I think it's more interesting than just using my name like every other designer does. The projects selected represent work that A) I can show and B) work that I have done the most design for and thus I'm proud to show. Everything is my own, I did not post my teammate's work or anything like that. Also, some of my projects are for companies and some are personal projects, but all of them are in chronological order from most recent to oldest. My intention is not to just put work projects but to put a variety of work that is relevant to demonstrating my design practice, expertise, and sense of aesthetic (and I am always consciously improving my work). For this reason, some projects like my old 3D stuff, or more technical / detailed work I have done has been left out for the sake of brevity and relevance. 

I do UX design in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have worked for a wide variety of companies, from the biggest tech companies to unheard of startups, and most recently my own project: Over my time doing UX and product design, I have most enjoyed working directly with small teams on building a product ourselves. Right now I am looking for an exciting mission and a good group of people to help create something neat, and specifically in the Bay Area. Please reach out if you have an interesting project, I would love to hear about it!