Primitive Horizon


This was an entry to a design competition with the brief being "design a light for the modern age". The competition was hosted by Domus Academy in Milan. This entry received honorable mention which basically amounts to a tie for 4th place. 

The "Primitive Horizon" is a product series of lights that is meant to reconnect people with their primitive relationship with night and day. The light is synchronized with the time of day so that it "wakes up" in the morning with the rising sun, naturally turning on by itself and waking up the sleeper. The lamp slowly changes color and increases brightness to match the sun via a computer program running on a small chip board. The shape is inspired by seeing the "child's moon," that is, the visible moon during the day, through a canopy of trees at sunset. The shape of the lamp is a sphere with the image of a tree canopy cut out, leaving a path for the light to cast a shadow on the wall reminiscent of the outdoors. The intended effect is to "dissolve" the walls of the room, so that the person indoors feels as though their walls become and invisible membrane to the outside, thereby altering their architecture without structural change and re-establishing their primitive relationship with the sun.