The Brief: Take 20 hours over the course of 2 weeks to create a design strategy for distributed micro-task work application Microwork.

My Role: UX design strategy, interaction design.

Our Results: Starting from a very complex problem space that lacked a user-facing design strategy, we narrowed the product focus down to something very specific and tangible that would provide value for users. That would be a way for any mobile phone user to earn small amounts of money for doing simple human-cognition/computing tasks. Separating the user-facing side from the production/company side was a big step towards the success of Microwork. Today Microwork is in open beta and actively using the UX strategy we created.

This is a very short 20 hour UX design consulting project I did for a new Bitcoin startup, Microwork. They had a novel concept for crowd sourcing small tasks using their original Smart Contracts, and paying in Bitcoin. Their web interface was not yet targeted towards either the task creator or the task worker. I helped re-design the front end concept by focusing on a mobile application that workers can quickly accomplish many tasks and earn money, even while out and about using their mobile phone. This was a short contract in which he needed a holistic design consulting service. I helped brainstorm a product strategy with him, and delivered an outline for the interaction design which he used going forward to implement with his engineers and his graphic designer on staff afterwards.

Client Testimonial:

"I had been looking for a 1%-er for the longest time, I was seeking someone that got the big picture, could see a huge vision and had the understanding of design and experience. We started with something very complex but when Lee was finished it was simple, beautiful and elegant."