Typographic Posters


The school: Academy of Art University, Graphic Design

The brief: Design 3 posters featuring a typeface each, describing the entire typeface and its features.

The results: I played with many concepts especially using large blocks of type as white space on a black background. I was particularly interested in the play of negative spaces inside the characters, and how at a large size characters become like landscapes of space in black, and the negative and positive spaces become interchangeable to some degree. After valuable feedback from my typography instructor, I decided to focus on featuring a single representative character for each typeface, followed by its description and analysis. That is why each poster features a single character on the top. This way the poster can be read from 3 distances: far, middle, and close. Each of the chosen characters represent something special about its typeface. The Futura "4" shows its geometric principles in strong effect. The Helvetica "a" shows the horizontal terminal of the left stroke and its remnants from humanistic typefaces in the curvature of the bowl and tail. Akzidenz Grotesk shows the wonderful "e" that is used in the online design blog, "Dezeen". I think this "e" is often used from Akzidenz because it shows its strong German modernist personality as one of the first sans-serif, or lineale, fonts in the age of humanist fonts. I also overlaid Walbaum, the theorized seed of Akzidenz, to show why this is thought to be its predecessor.